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Hot Track XpressTM

What is Hot Tracks?

Hot Tracks Xpress helps carriers provide load status information to their shippers via the Internet. With its unique iSeries (AS/400) and HTML interface, the Xpress Suite allows the shipper to view real-time information about their orders on the Internet.

How it works?

Once you have signed on to the Hot Tracks Xpress, you can customize a search of your orders by the status of the order, such as:

  • Available orders
  • Dispatched orders
  • Cancelled orders
  • Completed orders
  • Rate Confirmation
  • Unloading Receipt
  • Invoice
  • Weight Ticket
You can also specify to display orders for a given time period.

Basic Guidance

After you have obtained a login account and log on to our system you will see a screen, where you can choose from any of these options that will appear on the left hand corner: Multi-Search, By Trailer, By Order.


Step 1: Select one of the options based on the criteria for that selection:

  • Customer - The customer or company responsible for the order(s).
  • Consignee - The company signing for the order(s), i.e. final destination.
  • Load at - Location where the order is being loaded.
  • Bill To - Location to which the order is billed.

Step 2: Select the status of the order you want to display. Valid selections include:

  • Available - Lists all orders available for pick-up.
  • Dispatched - Lists all orders that have been dispatched but not completed.
  • Completed - Lists all orders that have been completed.
  • Cancelled - Lists all orders that have been cancelled.
  • All - Lists all orders in your system.

Selected Accounts

If a button labeled "Select Accounts" displays, you may left-click the button to view a list of customer accounts. A pop-up window displays a list of all available accounts. This is especially helpful for parent companies that would like to view orders for their subsidiary companies.

If this button does not display, you do not currently have any customer accounts stored in Xpress Suite.

By Trailer/By Order

Enter the Trailer number or Order number to inquire about your load.

Search Results

To view an order, click on the order number in the left hand column.

Field Definitions

  • Order - Indicates the carrier's order number. To display details for this order, left-click the order number.
  • BOL - Indicates the tracking (shipping) number for the order. To display details for this order, left-click the order number.
  • Sts - Displays the order status. Valid statuses include:
    • Aval - Available
    • Enrt - En Route
    • Cmpl - Completed
  • Origin - City and state in which the order originated.
  • Pickup appt - Date and time the order the order is to be picked up by the driver.
  • Loaded - Date and time that the order was loaded onto the trailer(s). If a time and date are not listed, the order is available to be loaded, has completed, or has been cancelled.
  • Destination - City and state where the order is destined.
  • ETA - Date and time that the order is expected to arrive at the last destination. The order must be dispatched in order to have an ETA.
  • Delv Appt - Time the order is to be delivered at the last stop.
  • Last Contact - Last contact city and state.
  • Date/Time - Last contact date and time.
  • Trailer - Indicates the trailer number for the order.

Print List of Orders

If you want to print the list of orders displayed in the frame, perform one of the following:

  • Internet Explorer - Right-click the appropriate frame to bring up a context menu. Select Print to go to the Print dialog box. Set the printing options that you want and click OK to print the frame, or Cancel to return to the window.
  • Netscape Navigator - Left click File on the main tool bar, and select Print Frame. The Print dialog box displays, which allows you to set your printing options. Click OK to print the frame, or Cancel to return to the window.
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