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Used Trucks

Buying Used Trucks
Mesilla Valley Transportation currently has 300 Owner Operators in our Program!

Going into business is always a challenge along with purchasing a used truck. We here at Mesilla Valley Transportation are here to assist in making this transition as easy as possible

When becoming an Owner Operator, our drivers first have to pass a few mandatory and important requirements, such as: A strong and consistent mileage history, being a company driver for at least 3 months, positive feedback from previous Company Fleet Manager, and a positive attitude!

When joining our Owner Operator Team, you become a part of a very successful operation which has a dedicated Fleet Manager team of 6. All 6 of our O/O Fleet Managers are taught and coached to fight and standup for the drivers in order to keep the wheels turning and to make our drivers happy and positive about their business adventure. Communication, Dedication along with a positive, cost savings train of thought, will guarantee you success in our program.

Completing a 3 or 4 year purchase term is quite an accomplishment and we want to help. We have many Owner Operators who have paid their trucks off and are doing well for themselves and our Company!

If you have any questions or are interested in becoming apart of our challenging, but rewarding program...

You can contact us @

(915) 872-2250

Javie Chavez EXT 2240

Steve York EXT 2248

Joanne Dahringer EXT 4230

Used Trucks
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